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It is said that one must eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a commoner and dinner like a pauper. People who begin the day with a good meal are less likely to get into a fight and more likely to have a few laughs. All-in-all breakfast does wonders for both your body and mind. Helps improve concentration, builds immunity, reduces stress, increases metabolism and helps deal with weight problems.


Breakfast Xpress is a show that aims at helping you build a healthy relationship with breakfast. Chef Ranveer Brar will show you how to make a wide range of delicious breakfast dishes that you will be compelled to sit down and savour before you run off to work. From rich alooparathas and buttery french toast to steamed idlis and light peanut poha, you will learn to cook breakfasts for every mood. Chef Ranveer will also demonstrate how to make healthy juices to accompany your meals. If you have a whole bunch of leftovers in the fridge and want to transform them into a sumptuous breakfast, you will learn how from him! Watch Breakfast Xpress and before you know it, breakfast will become your favourite meal of the day.

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